Research & Valuation

Value Financial Services & Research Advisory has built one of its competencies in the field of Research and Valuation. Regardless of the size, our independent research and advisory services provide additional value and assistance helping the client to meet the set goals and targets. We have been using state-of-the-art research tools, techniques and software in order to solve the complex research problems with greater accuracy. We cautiously and carefully gain the market insight to help our clients develop informed and practical business strategies. As a professional in Research services our aim is to provide insight and strategic direction to help our clients grow, be more profitable and more competitive. To provide the comprehensive solution to problems of our clients or clientele of our clients, we use research tools and techniques to provide a report which mainly comprise of industry analysis, economic analysis, competitors analysis, business/investment fundamentals, qualitative company analysis and future prospects. We strive to bring innovation and our aim is to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We provide research reports in four main and most widely used research categories

Our wide range or research services include:

  • Equity Research Reports
  • Sector Research Reports
  • Economy Research Reports
  • Business Research Reports

We have some other specific areas in which we provide comprehensive research reports. These are:

  • Engineering and Telecom market research
  • Building and construction related market research
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Not-for-profit sector research
  • Business to business market research
  • Business to consumer market research

Other than these categories, we have designed the processes to cater exactly to needs of clients. We have developed the ability and expertise to conduct market surveys, large-scale focus group discussions, brainstorming, online surveys, etc. Based on the requirements of our clients, we define a combination of research elements to find out the business solution.

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